Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

It's my favorite time of the year!  We attended a party last night and sat around a fire and had good scary food!  Saw my co-workers in great costumes!  Hope to share an image of that later today - we are a goofy bunch!

I have started a knitting stash....YIKES!  It's a bit more challenge to purchase yarn, you really need to ensure you pick it for a specific project to get enough.  I have started my first dishcloth, I'm almost done - this picture is at the half way point - I'm further a long now:
And my new stash.  First picture is for my first scarf.  It's called Molly's Scarf.
And this yarn is was on clearance and I really want some fingerless gloves and maybe a matching scarf or hat...I think I'm going to call Theresa at Forget Me Knot to see if there is 2 more left:
I want to get two dishcloths out of the way and then I'll start my scarf!  I'm soo excited!

Oh and please add me if you are on - I'm quiltingpirate.

I think I'm going to adjust my name now .....the knitting & quilting pirate?  :)


  1. You caught on to knitting fast and are doing a great job. The yarn is yummy. I can't wait to see more.

  2. Woo-- look at you go! You're going to be a knitting pro in no time. Mmm... pretty yarn.

  3. You did find some yummy yarns! I've made several of those dishcloths and love them. I've also used the pattern to make a baby blanket.

  4. Naaaaa...
    You don't need to adjust your name, 'cause if you do then I'll have to do so and I like being "The Quilter". There's a wonderful pattern on for fingerless mitts called fetching. When you get a bit further along these are good because they have a bit of cables and picking up stitches to add the thumb.