Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Park City Girl: Quilt Festival - Fall 2009


I found this link from Ms. Amy's blog (her entry for this festival is here) last week and decided I wanted to play along.  I have several quilts I love, but finding the right one with a good story to share is difficult.

Blizzard of 2000 Quilt aka My Millennium Quilt

Size: 80" x 84"

Fabric Sources: 2.5" squares, Perfume Blocks, Purple front fabric all acquired from online swaps in 1999.  Backing purchased in 2002.  Binding was purchased from Patches in the process of quilting.

Quilted By: The Patches Quilting Shoppe, Mt. Airy, Maryland

The Quilt Story:

During 1999, I was active online in many quilting communities.  One of the easiest swaps and the most popular swap was the Millennium Swap.  Cutting 2.5" squares and adding a signature square, pop in the mail and receive a new package back from someone else.  I sent/received over 200 packets - yes.  Over 200.

Another swap I did in 1999, was a Millennium fabric perfume bottle swap hosted at The Quilting Post. I received 10 blocks total in that swap.

Way back in February 2000, we had one of our famous "North Easters" snow storms and in the process I was out of work for several days.  This is when I become creative and put together my quilt top.  In two days it was completed.

Using only greens and purples squares from the Millennium Swap and my perfume blocks (along with 2 I made).  Turned the whole thing on point and used some fabric that was given to me by another online quilt friend.

It took me 6 years to find someone to finally quilt it - I decided it was easier and simpler than me trying to do it myself with limited space.

It was finally handed to me completely quilting in variegated thread on December 9th, 2006.  The cost for quilting was $300, so worth the final results.

It is one of my winter quilts, because it is soo heavy - I might be pulling it out real soon here.

Here are few more detailed images:

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.


  1. What a stunning quilt! And how cool that so much of it is from swaps. It is beautiful. :)

  2. Wow -- only 2 days??? That's impressive! I wish I had been a quilter back then, because I love the idea of the millennium swap.

  3. Very pretty - love the colors! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Pretty quilt and fun to showcase things you got from online friends! Isn't this festival fun?

  5. That is a beautiful quilt! Love those purples! I host a lot of swaps so I know how special this quilt is to you.

    How big is your quilt? 300.00 for doing a large stipple must mean this is a very big quilt.

  6. What a FUN quilt with lots of built in memories! The colors are terrific. : ) Thanks for sharing!