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Here I am again rewriting this a little bit as life has changed. . . I blame age and maturity, but in reality it's just that I'm always growing, learning and moving forward in life - - - never in one spot too long.  I guess I really do live a piratey life. . . .

I have been quilting on and off for over 18 years now. Over the past 12 years I have done many things, online groups, swaps, organizing swaps, visited many a quilt shop and show, and been teaching quilting over 4 years now.   The past 6 years I have work in 2 different quilt shops.  Patches Quilting in lovely Mt. Airy, Maryland and currently at Gina's Bernina Sewing Center in West Knoxville, Tennessee.  So, I do consider myself very experienced in this hobby of mine.  Yet, I'm always learning new things.

The idea for this blog's theme is my love for being a pirate, a whimsical fantasy I've had since high school and I have found a way to play pirates while attending Renaissance Faires.  I still consider my home faire is Maryland, but soon plan to discover Tennessee's faire this year.

When I'm not ripping out stitches, I'm mom to 4 (26, 23, 18, 14), about to celebrate 25 years of marriage to a retire air force man and mom one furry kitty.

I currently work at my local quilt shop teaching classes, doing their website, and fondling fabric on a regular basis and I have picked up a new hobby, knitting and visit Forget Get Me Knot Yarn Shop on a weekly basis.  I realize you can't have enough hobbies!

So, sit back enjoy and please be an active reader. I encourage suggestions, ideas, and praises. Comments are booty for us blogging pirates at heart.


Meeting Mark Lipinski in Houston, 2007

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  1. I would love to join one of your swaps. I am fairly new to the 'blog world' (even though I have done my own blog for a couple of years) I never realized there were so many of us...
    My daughter lives in Memphis area. I live in AZ. You can view my blog at http://customdesignsbyjacquelyn.blogspot.com/