Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday Tips

Who's a lefty out there?  Raise your left hand please! ME! ME!

Well, I'm in the process of developing a left handed series class for just us!  It started when I was in Maryland and asked one of our regular instructors to develop it there - well, it needs to be done in Tennessee as well!

As I was researching the internet I came across this great resource - a blog, no less - called "A Left Handed Quilter".

She has great directions and advice for lefties.  Please check her out.

So, what is my tip for this week.  Just for lefties.  As you go into a class that has a definite righthand or lefthand way of doing something (say, rotary cutting or hand work) find a way to sit directly across from the instructor.  This allows you to "mirror" them and able your to visualize your technique in a more effective way for lefties.


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  1. Toni -

    Thanks for the shout-out!! My Tuesday Tip - Check out my Blog!!.....^..^