Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend overview. . .

A lot to share this wintery Monday morning here in East Tennessee...first can we get a brrrrrrrrrrr.... :)

Had my first class at Gina's Sewing Center this weekend.

As I tried to explain all the options of technique, thread color, layouts and watching bright excited smiles with blank bright eyes.  I think they got the gist of it :)  My class is full with 10 ladies all doing different blocks and techniques for the Rose of Remembrance Block of the Month program!

I think the best part was knowing several of them decided to take the Quilting Basics 101 class with me next week - I must have presented myself as knowing a lot of good useful information, huh??  And a few more joined the Hoopsisters Goose Tracks BOM next month!  So, I have groupies!  You have no idea how wonderful that feels. 

This BOM hosted by the shop is only meeting quarterly and I personally not doing the entire quilt -- the little table runner I did was my extend of this quilt.

And Michele over at the Quilt Gallery is hosting another swap that I'm joining!!  The Mug Rug Swap!  I really do prefer swaps with a finish project - saves me headaches later with trying to find a way to finish up x-number of blocks that aren't done properly.  Go over and check it out---it is a fast turn around swap, but still do-able:
Mug Rug Swap
And finally my design wall and this week's projects:
This is going to be my HoopSister's Goose Tracks background, I'm going to start making blocks this week for this monthly class.
I offer a "Pay It Forward" post on my Facebook over the weekend, so I dug into my stash and pulled all sorts of things from it!  It excited me to know I'm using my stash and knowing folks want it :)  I spent most of Sunday cutting up 5" squares and sewing them up making little sets of .....secret stuff to pop into the mail over the next few weeks.  I'll share pictures as they arrive to their new destinations :)
And one more picture, here's the block I made for Ms. Linda for our first month of Let's Bee Together Swap, it has arrived safely in her hands:
Whew, what a long post!!  
One more thing to say, Happy Birthday to my future Daughter-in-Law, Fallon!  Hope your day is filled with sweetness! 
Boy, I sure was wordy today!  Have a great Monday!


  1. I'm glad to hear the class went well, not that I doubted for a minute that it wouldn't. Love the fabric on your design wall.

  2. You definetly had a full weekend Toni. I love the rose of sharon quilt and I have the pattern just no time to start it yet.

  3. Boy your are one busy have your hands in all kinds of all your projects, I can see why you have groupees...

  4. Wow! The quilt class you are teaching looks remarkable.
    I have just joined in the mug rug swap too - it looks like fun.
    It sounds as if you have big plans this week with your pay it forward and your design wall.
    I love the block you made for me!

  5. Great post...full of happiness!

  6. Congratulations on having groupies! Love the colors of your goose tracks background