Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Good Morning!

I'm happy to see this week almost over!  Bills are paid and now serious holiday shopping starts - hoping it all comes in "in time".

As I ponder on what to share today, I realized I never shared this finish table runner I make for my shop.  We are hosting the Rose Of Sharon Block of the Month and this is the shop sampler--which none of these blocks are in the was a bit unusual, but it turned out ok--minus the vines.  There wasn't enough green to make the bias vines in the kit!
I finished some other commission work but realize I haven't taken pictures, they will be shared tomorrow!

Back to holiday last minute shopping!


  1. Very pretty...I like how the blocks are so unique and such pretty colours!

  2. Beautiful table runner! I especially like the flowers in the left block.

  3. What an unusual runner. I love the fabrics you used.