Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Tuesday thoughts

First, I'm back into blogging full force - catching up on blogs over the past 2 weeks was challenging to say the least.  I did post in a few giveaways - which require sharing their links on your blog - so, I'll play along!  Visit these folks for your chance to win some cool stuff!!

Stray Stitches 300+ follower Giveaway
The Pickle Patch Giveaway
Let's Ring in 2011 Blog Giveway
January Giveaway

As I have read through many blogs over the past few days, I have come across several interesting and FREE Block of the Month projects for 2011.  I've listed several that interest me and several for the general viewing.  I'm unsure if I'll start any, but wanted them here for reference:

Birdie Stitches
Jewels In The Crown - most likely will do, have tons of batiks perfect for this!
Lazy Hearts
Give Thanks
Redwork Kitchen - if you look on the left side they have links from their previous BOMs as well
A Sentimental Journey Through the Months 
Boot Bash
Granny's Hankie
Home Sweet Home
The Quilt Works, Enchanted Forest
Nancy Rink's Designs, Ole To The Blue And Gray
Civil War Quilts (need books for the patterns)
Ethter Aliu BOM - hasn't started yet, just reference
Pine Needle Quilters - great reference page with LOTS of BOMs starting and completed
The Quilting Clubhouse - another great reference page with lots of boms
BOM Quilts - always have new things going on as well

whew....that's a lot :)  Many wonderful free choices out there to use up your stash!  I'll stick with my list I have on the right bar for now.

Another thing as I read through your blogs is seeing everyone's 2010 accomplishments and 2011 resolutions and goals.  Again, I look through my own accomplishments and realize I just didn't do much of anything for me.  I did a lot of work for others and I did have a cross-country move involved this past year as well.  Yet, I'm sadden how my hobby has become more of a job for me than a hobby.  I want to get back to quilting for me, I want to find that place of zen and peace, lost in the creation and the droning sound of my machine.  Being one with my inner self artist.

So again no resolutions for me this year, I don't believe in holding myself accountable for things that most likely will fall to the waste-side because they weren't done in the true essence of myself, then feeling like a failure in the end.  I just will strive to make this year the year I reconnect with my quilting heart.


  1. I'm so glad you listed the BOMs. I have been looking for more and now I have found them. I look forward to seeing what you quilt for you.

  2. Toni, I am so glad that you are blogging full force .I enjoy reading your blog.

  3. Thanks for all of the great links. That was a lot of work finding all of those. Glad you are back and now, make something for yourself!!

  4. Happy New Year Toni and look at that list of free BOM's. Do I look or don't I? ;)

  5. Happy New Year. Oh no, I wish you wouldn't have shared those BOM. lol So many I want to do. I think I will do the Birdie Stitches for sure.

  6. Thanks for the links! Should keep me busy for a few!!

  7. Oh, my! Look at all of those amazing project-opportunities. I need more time. But I think I'll have to try the Birdie Stitches. So cute!

    Reconnecting with your quilting heart sounds like a wonderful thing. :)

  8. Thanks for posting these links! I was looking for a few BOMs to do. I clicked through all of them and found my favorites. I am already planning on doing Birdie Stitches, Boot Bash, and the Civil War Quilt. Now I might do Jewels in the Crown, Kitchen Redwork, and Give Thanks! You're awesome!