Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Memories . . .

So, as I was digging through my small limited stash deseperately looking for fabric to make samples, I came across this and laughed:

Why?  Because I made this about 10 years ago for my older sister.  The blocks were part of a swap and I used my brand new Brother 8200 machine playing with all the stitches and never gave it to my sister - I think more of embarrassment than anything.  Because a few months after I made this my sister sent me this one for my birthday:

I decided to hang it up for January in my living room.  She said it was a mystery quilt and I love it and use it all the time. This is the first time I have hung it up.  Here's the label -  - - 2001!
LOL, I realized taking the picture I hung the quilt upside down! DOH!  Unfortunately, my sister no longer sews or quilt so I'm very blessed to have this piece from her.   Thank you again Lisa!

I did find some fabric for one of my samples:
L-R: My backing, outer border---I LOVE this Kaffe Fasset sea shells and need more for stash, I will only use 1 1/4 yds --I have 3, inner border and the last 3 are for the blocks.

Hope to whip this top and quilt together by this afternoon!


  1. It don't laugh when I look at some of the first quilts I made, I cringe. lol The quilt your sister made you is very pretty. I hope you share the sample, I like those fabrics.

  2. Oh...your quilt from here looks wonderful. The one your sister made is so wonderful...great memories.

  3. I think the quilt you made your sister is adorable. I bet she would have loved it. The quilt your sister made is beautiful. Love the fabrics you selected for your sample.

  4. I think the wallhanging is a lot of fun! I just love digging through my stash and finding surprise memories like that.

    Your new project fabrics look awesome! Can't wait to see what you do with them.