Thursday, January 06, 2011

Caught by surprise . . .

I was so not expecting SNOW.  The weather man said pack an umbrella we are expect .25" of rain and there might be a chance of a flurry.  2" of snow later and roads now freezing up overnight, looks like the kids will have another missed day of school.  We are suppose to get a few more inches throughout Thursday then something like 4 over the weekend......mmmm, I thought I moved from Maryland.  Apparently I brought the weather with me :)

My neighbor fell on the ice and hurt her back pretty badly.  Our apartments don't like clearing our walks off, I have a feeling things might change now - maybe.  I need my own salt bag and snow shovel.

I spent most of my day off from work doing my volunteer work for MAQ.  We have announced our instructors for this year's retreat and we are very excited to have longarm classes available.  This retreat is going on 24 years old and last year we had 215 students with 21 instructors.  I highly recommend making the trip to Maryland with your friends for this retreat.  Visit our website (that I create and maintain).

Then I found time to get most of my sampler done - I have 4 friendship star blocks to whip out and I think it will be done before I get to work today....of course depending on if my kids have school.
Well looks like January is starting off well with the cold and snow....means LOTS of great sewing days!!

Update: No freezing overnight and kids only have a 2 hour delay....whew...


  1. I hate the word snow, is sure looks pretty but with snow comes cold.....

    Love your sampler.

  2. If you have trouble finding a bag a salt, a bag of kitty litter will do the same thing. The sampler quilt is coming along nicely and I love the colors. Be careful out there today.

  3. The snow looks pretty.
    I like the quilt sampler you are working on - the colors are very serene.

  4. What interesting fabric with the shells on it! Nice to have a pretty project to keep you busy when it is COLD and Icky outside!

  5. Do be careful out there! The sampler is looking lovely!