Monday, January 03, 2011

Towel Swapping

I'm hosting a towel swap and I'm a few people short of 12 - 12 people would make the most ideal swap!  It's an appliqued style towel swap.  You pick a month, send out 11 towels (making 12, keeping one for yourself).  You do have to be fully committed and I have all the details and a yahoo group set up if you are interested -  please email me at quiltingpirate at gmail dot com.

We have started swapping this month and Cindy mailed out her towel to our group already (but if you join you will get a January towel as well!) and she picked a perfect applique embroidery snowman!!  I LOVE the towel she did him on!

Thank you again Ms. Cindy!!


  1. I'm glad you like it, I'm always nervous that someone won't like what I make. I loved the shimmery fabric I used for the snowman.

  2. Just adorable!!! I love mine....doing the snowman dance.

  3. I have a few questions about the swap. 1) Must it be Appliquéd or could it be machine embroidery 2) what size towels are you swapping. Reason is I love embroidering on towels but can't do a lick of applique.

  4. Oh wow, that is so pretty. Looking forward to my towel arriving soon.