Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday Thoughts. . . .

Do you ever weed out blogs on your blog reader?  If so, how/why do you weed them out? 

This is a curious thing to me because I have so many blogs to read and to choose from.  I enjoy reading them all but I also enjoying the interaction each blog returns to me when I leave a comment.  I like that feeling of personal connection, that it isn't a mass media ambition - but to connect at a more personal-initmate level.  It isn't about how many people read you, but how you interact with the people who do?  I guess I get a little disappointed when I leave comments daily in some blogs without any acknowledgment.  I will admit I'm slow to respond to my comments but I make efforts to do so, some bloggers don't.   I know it is their choice to limit their interaction with their audience, but I think my choice is not to put so much effort into connecting with them.  So, I'm cleaning out my blog reader list again - that's my thoughts - what are yours?

So let's share some linkage.  I saw this link yesterday in Facebook land and my girls and I love it and going to try it out - another cool blog to read:  Paper Baking Cup Flower Valentines

Don't forget to find a way to help the flood victims of Australia.
Khris posted lots of links on her blog.
Jan with more information on how to help.
And Rochelle's info.

Show n' Tell:
I got 5 completed blocks done with my Goose Tracks, only 30 more to go!  This is a learning process, but already I see the fruits of my labor - I get more excited with each block!

Back to work for the first time this week, teaching my Beginner Quilting class this evening and hubby is on his way for a long weekend visit!!  Going to be a fun filled day!


  1. I have about 130 blogs on my Reader. I do weed out from time to time, usually removing those blogs that I comment on all the time but don't have reciprocal inclusion on their blog. I one-way blogging relationship just isn't fun.

  2. I do what Caron does. I do have a few blogs I read just for fun and I don't comment on. Hope your husband has safe travels. The blocks are very pretty.

  3. It's NiCe to know somebody out there reads the words you write... that's why comments are so important. I equally LiKe the reply comments I get when I make a YES I agree with you Toni.

  4. Hi Toni! I agree with you about bloggers. Having a response to a comment is so much better than silence. I try to respond to each of the comments I receive (unless I'm having a giveaway and then it gets overwhelming) even if it's a simple 'thank you'.
    I love how your Goose Tracks is turning out!!

  5. That's interesting as I'm just going through and slimming down my list too. I comment on almost all the blogs I read, but if I don't have a response or a return visit to my blog, then I after a while I will stop visiting. To me the comments are how you build virtual friendships, and that's why I blog.

  6. This is a bit embarrassing, but right now my reader has 260 blogs in it! It is time to whittle the list down some, as it is taking tooooo much time. I appreciate bloggers who respond to my comments, but I know many blogs have such huge audiences that it isn't possible. I will remove blogs that become depressing. We all have rough days, but when the blogger has turned the blog into a tale of poor-poor me every day, I delete it. Sometimes bloggers become selfish Quilt Bullies, and I delete those, too. I delete blogs that are rarely updated, and blogs where the person uses loads of foul language. Oh, and blogs with MUSIC! I hate hate hate hate music on blogs! I guess the bottom line is this: I want to blog reading to be a positive experience. I love blogs with creativity and humor and lots of photos! Like your blog!

  7. Good morning Toni

    I do weed out from time to time and then I might end up looking for those blogs at some point just to check in. Mostly it is blogs that haven't posted in a long time. I only have about 40 blogs on Google reader. I like the commenting back and forth but I find I myself am sometimes bad at returning a reply for a few days. And quite often I will read a blog and not comment. I felt I was very neglectful of my blog last year and my goal is to be a better blogger this year.

  8. I have about a hundred in my reader. I comment on a fraction of the posts out there and sometimes I get an email response and sometimes I don't. I don't let it bother me. But the few folks with whom I do make a connection , I do try harder to respond. Now that I am officially on permanant vacation I will have more time to get to know my online friends. I also think alot of folks were so busy with the holidays and now they are returning to their blogs as their lives become more normal.
    Oh and please don't weed me out. I would like to think of you as more than just a blog's just too sad that we did not have time to become good friends when you lived here.

  9. I agree, it is more of the social aspect of blogging that I like, getting to know people. I will confess, I do at times get people mixed up and forget things, hopefully, that will be overlooked.

  10. I chose to weed out those blogs that never have new posts. Then those that don't respond. Only once has anyone noticed. Love watching your quilt grow!

  11. I don't have a blog reader program and I do try to limit my computer time, so I just visit around the blogs I know when I have time. I almost always leave a comment, which slows down my blog surfing time, but I think it's important. The world of quilting blogs has expanded exponentially since I started and there is just too much out there to participate fully!

  12. I like the social aspect as well, though I have been struggling with time lately to keep up on my reading.

    Interesting blocks here, I will be watching to see the end result.

  13. For me, I use Google Reader, and I have my feeds separated into sub-lists by category -- folks I know personally(like you!); general inspiration; home decor; quilting; knitting, etc. I don't weed very often because the majority of blogs I read are active, but also because of this - My own blogs have a tendency to lie fallow for long periods followed by bursts of yammering, and I have happily re-connected with some folks who hadn't blogged in more than a year whose voices I loved back in the day who recently began blogging again. If I'd weeded them out, I'd have had no idea that they were back, so I am glad that I didn't. The blank feeds don't hurt anything, and I can always collapse them so they're not visible until/unless I want to check on them.

    In terms of the personal connection, I find that there are some folks I read that I DO read for media consumption, but the majority of blogs I actually subscribe to feeds for (as opposed to occasionally checking the website) are people whose voices I feel a connection to in one fashion or another. I often feel outside of "cliques" of regular commenters at the high-traffic blogs, but every once in a great while a blogger will reach out in reply to me via email and new friends can be made that way.

    Comments are rough -- I LOVE getting them and often feel forlorn if I don't, but I'm terrible (usually) about leaving them. If I don't have anything to add to the conversation, I won't add a comment, but I am trying to get better about commenting just to let bloggers whose voices I love know that I think they're pretty schweet. :)

  14. I try to keep my blog list under a 100 blogs. Right now I think there are around 136 so I need to go through and weed out some more. Like you, I prefer to read/comment on blogs that try to comment back or at least make the effort to stop by and visit my blog. I understand that everyone gets busy, just like I do. The blogs I decide to keep on my list are either because of the many projects/tutorials that they have that I enjoy or because of the conversations I have back and forth with the other blogger. I have a short list of blogs that I read and comment on every day. Those are very special to me and I really hate to miss a day but it does happen.

  15. I totally agree that blogging should be a reciprocal relationship. I get behind on reading, but you can tell I do read because you'll see a flurry of comments from me!

    I get frustrated when I know a person is reading but only comments once in a blue moon - is it really that hard? That time consuming? Our family blog is a good example of this. I take the time to take, edit, and post pictures for those people that live far away, and yet we only have about five people that ever comment. I know other people are reading - they tell me when we see them/talk to them and reference stuff from my posts - but a little comment love is ALWAYS appreciated. I also try to always respond to comments, in hopes that the person will be encouraged to comment more.