Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hump de Dump Day!

Well, being stuck inside for a few days one would think I have tons done - well, not really.  It's easier to do computer work and hang out with my kids than focus on some sewing goals.  Yet, I have knocked a few off my weekly list!

I am enjoying doing my Hoopsisters, Goose Track.  It's not challenging, just time consuming and I'm finding tips that will help the class.  The key in doing this kind of project is organization.  Here's what I set up to start my first Month's Blocks:
Here is one of 4 of the blocks:

I'm not sure on how to do the coloring on this project, but I'm definitely going with a ocean/beach feel mainly because it will hang in my bedroom at some point.  Now Jess (co-worker/boss) is doing her blocks 8" (mine are 5" finished) and her's will be very contrasting and bright - which I would love to do as well, but no place to hang in my home.

I also recieve my January Towel from Australia yesterday in my first month towel swap - - look at the detail, I'm very impressed.  Again, thank you Shelia!

And I finished 8 Pay It Forwards - weeeeeee!!  Unsure when I'll pop them into the mail - roads are still iffy in some areas here, so probably tomorrow on my way home from work.

Another day at home - it's my normal day off and the kids are home again, so I plan to do more sewing and some computer work!  Always busy it seems, but trust me I do get down time :)

Happy Hump Day!


  1. You are making good use of your time.

    I just love January's block, can't wait to get mine.

  2. Looks like you are keeping busy.

  3. Toni, the project you are doing on the embroidery machine sounds interesting. Can you send me some details?

  4. Unless it's a different machine, it looks like you ended up getting the stitch regulator? How do you like it?