Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back to Work!

Well, yesterday was a flurry of phone calls, emails, class updates, sewing, and cleaning!

I was able to finish up 2 aprons - one for our guild meeting tonight.  We missed our December meeting and we were suppose to do an apron swap game (verses doing an ornament).  So, I had enough fabric to make 2 valentine colored (could be used for Christmas) aprons.  The other one is for me at work - I think it's time to put away my Christmas one :)

And did 2 more blocks for the Goose Tracks, my poor machine so needs a tune up - it doesn't like doing more than one at a time.  This is 2 months worth of blocks, will start Month 3 later today:
I have a lot to do at the shop today, cutting more kits and prepping more classes!

Have a good day!


  1. You certainly got alot done....love it!

  2. Toni, your Goose Tracks is amazing. Until I enlarged the picture I just thought it was a drawing. Gorgeous!!! Your apron is cute to and so Valentiney (is that a word?)

  3. Your apron is adorable! I may need to start wearing aprons. The more you do of the Goose Tracks the more I love it!