Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Hump Day!

Finally just hit the "Read All" button in my blog reader....I can't get 4 days behind, it's just overwhelming!

I'm going to try it again!

It is this Friday and I know exactly what I will work on.  I'm going to plan a day with normalcy, than a quickie nap, chocolate, chips, wine and movie for kids - then I plan to sew all night long on one project!  I have to get it finished - what you are thinking?  You'll see!!!  Are you going to play along?

I received my February towel from my first towel swap from Ms. Betsy!  I am in love with the towel she used!!  It's heavy, think, and a woven weave---very nice.  I'm getting these for the second month I'm dedicated to for my towel swap.
 And she made something extra (she is sooo generous) called a scissor mat (and Tijeras means scissors in spanish).

Now, I haven't done any sewing since yesterday morning, but I've been cutting out my BOMs to work on them today:
Wednesday, might be my day off, but it's the only day I can run errands - so, I'll be errand running today then finding time to sew for me (not work) this afternoon!


  1. The Friday night sew-in sounds fun. Unfortunately my machine is in the bedroom and I don't think DH would appreciate me sewing into the wee hours. lol Your February towel is too cute. Love the scissor mat idea. I wonder if it will help to keep up with your scissors, let me know. ;)

  2. So glad you liked them Toni. I enjoyed making them for everyone.

  3. I'll check in again on Saturday to see what you accomplished on FNSI! :)