Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Design Wall

I try not to post twice in a day, but need to keep up with weekly routines for my blog!

I missed this past week's Friday Night Sew In - - with good reason, my husband drove from Maryland to spend a weekend with me and the girls, so Friday night was spent out listening to a two man band enjoying the company of my husband and eldest daughter (youngest was spending the night with a friend).

So, as I look at what my plans were for last week's design wall, I'm not happy with doing it this week.  I know why now I put the UFO away in the first place- - it's just too busy for my taste and I don't enjoy working on it.  It might just end up in the "to give away" pile now.

Now, what the heck can I do?  I have about 30 UFO's I can pull out, I have some holiday things to sew for gifts, I have 4 BOMs to catch up on. . . . . .mmmmmm, well I've decided to finish this one up:

My Ocean Bargello, I have 2/3's done and need to cut and piece together that last third, then add simple borders.  It would be nice to have it done and ready to quilt.  It takes a lot of concentration to do this, I've add to rip out 14 rows once and won't do it again.  So, this will be my week's project - - along with a few other diversions!

I do have to "whip" out a apron and a few pillowcases for tomorrow nights guild meeting- - crossing fingers we have it.  They close everything down here when there is 1" of snow.  I really want to go to guild meeting!

Plan on spending Sunday doing a lot of prep work for my classes I'll be teaching in the new year at Gina's!

Hope you weekend was wonderful!


  1. Your quilt is wonderful....

  2. Now I have to find out what you did that was too busy. I LIKE busy, but have found that the quilting can sometimes blend a too-busy quilt.

    This bargello is absolutely scrumptious! Lovely! Finish it! 8-))

  3. That quilt is mesmerizing. Very pretty!

  4. Sounds like a nice weekend! I need your snail mail address so I can post off your WiN!

  5. Yay! The bargello is back! I just love looking at this one. It will be even better finished! :)

  6. Your bargello quilt is great. I made one, and will never make another, although I love the effect of them.