Monday, December 13, 2010


Ok, when I moved to East Tennessee this past summer, I figured I would see at the max, 6" of snow during the winter...well, it's mid-December and already we have 3" on the ground!!!  Not complaining mind you, I do like snow and now being in an apartment, I don't have to shovel - - but wow, so not expecting this.

I spent time yesterday doing a lot of prep work for my new classes I'm teaching at Gina's.  I have my lesson plans and sample designs--now to actually sew up my samples to have at the shop.
I'm very excited with both classes!  I'll also be teaching the new Hoop Sisters Block of the Month at the shop! 

Trying hard to catch up on blog posts...YIKES, with 165 to read slowly working from the bottom of the list up and then I "hit" the Mark Read All button...crap!  Oh dear, hoping I didn't miss anything too fun!  At least I have replied too all my comments - THANK YOU, I love comments. 

So, today doing some work at home for the shops, then I'll be sewing!  Though I also might make a big ol' batch of these and more Oatmeal Scotchies. . . .
Perfect snowy day for it!


  1. I'd like to share some of those yummy looking cookies please! We got a lot of snow last night here.

  2. Ooooh.....cookies!! I like the two patterns you are working on! Enjoy your snow - and thanks for sharing the picture.