Monday, December 13, 2010

Bloggy Giveaways....

Do you enter these giveaways? You should, you can't win unless you enter!  And I've entered quite a few over the past few weeks and I WON!! 

Cheryll has a 12 days of Christmas Giveaway, granted it's almost over, but I won Day 9!  Very excited to say the least.

Well, here's a few more to take your free chance to enter and win something free and nice!!

Do you know of others?  Share, please - thank you!

Back to work :)


  1. You are so right you definitely have to be in it to win it. I have also won a few giveaways that have been running lately and it is a great way to get in touch with other bloggers.

  2. Congrats on your win. fun!