Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekly Grateful Thought

I have a lot to share from this past week, being I've missed posting for several days.  Yet, I wanted to be sure I posted my grateful thoughts this week, even if it's a day behind.

This week was filled with everything unexpected.  I had a sick kid home from school for 1/2 the week, I missed 3 days of work, I furbarred on missing a monthly business conference call, my car's check engine light came on and off --and was off at the shop and they couldn't determine there was a problem---of course it has now remained on since I left the shop---grrrrr, and I didn't get to sew anything for me.  **insert big deep breath release**

This week was wonderful in so many other ways! 

I'm grateful for:
1. Being able to work at home.
2. Knowing I have a car and it does run.
3. Having a wonderful husband surprise me with a weekend trip!
4. Watching my eldest daughter perform her Christmas Band Concert.
5. Watching my girls perform and hubby and I enjoying the Oak Ridge city parade.  Creating a new family tradition!

This was a blessed week!


  1. Hope the sick kiddo is better. You always manage to find the bright side. Hope next week you get in some sewing time.

  2. What a great way to look at things.....

  3. Ark, what a week!! And the fact that you still managed to find some fab gratefuls just shows that you're my kinda gal!! x

  4. So many wonderful things to be grateful for! Keeping those in mind really can help temper the frustrations that come along.

  5. Lol, I had to ask my husband the definition of fubar :). I hope you have a better week!