Monday, December 06, 2010

Holiday busy-ness

Well we are now in the full swing of December.  The weather really has changed, the stores are crazy, and family traditions kick into high gear now.

I spent the early part of the weekend doing my cards, and I have a few left over - who would like to be apart of our family tradition?  Just comment and I'll respond with my email so you can forward me your address.  I haven't done cards in several year, so I'm happy to have it back as a regular tradition.
Along with cards this weekend, I did finish our tree skirt and did another day of simple baking.  Making Oatmeal Scotchies and Ginger Snaps!  I have never made them before, but mmmmm, mmm, yum.  They turned out awsome.  I also discovered how wonderful it is to have metal cabinets doors, LOL all this time I use my counter top to hold my recipes --DOH!

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

This week, I have some sewing to do for my customer and also plan to catch up on my Block of the Months programs! And then Friday night sit and sew!!

Have a great Monday and week everyone!


  1. I have to do cards this week too for my mother. It's not my favorite chore but I promised her I would do them again for her. Good for you for getting yours done so early.

    Those cookies look incredible. YUM!!! I think I would rather bake cookies than sit and do cards.

  2. I'd exchange cards with ya! I got about 3/4 of mine addressed, stamped, and waiting to mail out! I ran out of stamps. oops!! :D

  3. I got my cards out last week and am now getting some from friends.

  4. Oatmeal Scotchies! I had forgotten about those! I love them. Might have to make a batch this year.

  5. I feel so behind now! Sigh... I guess that's really more a state-of-being for me, recently. Hopefully, we'll manage to get cards out before Christmas this year!

    Mmmm... cookies.