Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Swapping on the internet. . .

Since I have moved in July, I hardly get any mail. So, when the package comes at the beginning of the month for my new towel (from my 12 month towel swap) I get all excited and so do my girls!

Yesterday I received my December towel from Deb and I just LOVE IT!

I don't think I ever posted a picture of my November swap, but it has a definite "thanksgiving" feel to it.

I REALLY hope we do this swap again next year (our year ends in March). I love getting a new towel every month!

Speaking of monthly swaps, I've joined a similar style swap and there is still room in our group. Notice the new bright and shiney yellow button on the right? Hosted by Ms. Linda at Stray Stitches, please join us for fun!!


And here's my oldest Christmas quilt . . . I've had it since 1993 and got it from JC Penneys of all places for $45!! We were stationed in Japan when I purchased it. Still love it!
It's a work day, so I'm off to Gina's to make a few bucks!


  1. The towels are great! I should have joined that swap. You just can't have too many cute towels.

  2. I have enjoyed the swap myself...it has been fun getting that package each month and they are just adorable!

  3. Nice "pick up" for $45.00. Fantastic bargin!!!!