Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Wednesday Stuff

I really want to take a creative writing class.  I want to be able to blog creatively that sparks inspiration and conversation.  I have always wanted to be able to communicate more effectively, but haven't found the time to take that class.  It's like the class I've always wanted to take on photography as well.  Once day.

I finished my Round 5 of my Stay At Home Robin, I had 5 hours to spare in November and today Kate has posted Round 6, so I'll add to this later today:
I also finished sewing together the main body of my new tree skirt and started pulling stuff from my stash to add borders!  I'm hoping to quilt it this afternoon as well, my poor tree is still nakkid!!
I have always decorated my outside door and over that past 10 years done it with red foil wrapping paper---do you know how hard that has been to find some years.  I have taken up stocking up on red foil!  I normally hand a wreath or my last 4 years big bells - but my new door is too thick to use a hanger on, so I had to be creative and added ribbons and a bow this year.  It's really pretty from the parking lot - but I haven't seen anyone else decorate their apartment door.....we kinda stand out :)
Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, winter has arrived here in East Tennessee.  We might see a flurry or two this morning!  What a perfect way to start off December!


  1. Toni, your RR and tree skirt are great! Love the door.

  2. The Stay At Home round robin is coming together very nicely. I think borders will add to the tree skirt. Poor naked tree! lol I love your door! I have always loved doors decorated like your's. Enjoy your flurries.

  3. What a pretty block. I love the middle. That sure is a great idea for decorations. I'll keep an eye out for red foil this year!

  4. We have flurries here on the plateau. Your block is gorgeous!

    I cheated on my tree skirt this year, just used an old cutter quilt :)

  5. Way to go with the SAHR...that is next on my list of things to do. I'm not happy about being so far behind, but I know I can catch up if I do it this week!.