Monday, November 29, 2010

Early Monday Morning Start

Apparently, my body had no problem getting back into the routine of early morning wake-up!

I did a little sewing yesterday. I finished this little top made from a "honey bun" and using the pattern from Cotton Way, called Fresh Apple Tart.  It wasn't has easy and quick as I originally thought, working with 1 1/2" strips are a pain and tedious.  I'm going to make it a quickie by just doing some simple quilting and get it on my table asap.
And I started sewing on my new tree skirt.  One half is put together:

And my holiday advent calendar is hanging and will share which ornament my kids pick up for each day - of course that won't start until Wednesday!
Now, let's get this Monday rolling along.


  1. The Fresh Apple Tart is cute. You will have your tree skirt finished in no time and it will look so nice around your tree.

  2. Fun projects! I like the apple tart concept!

  3. Looks like your Monday will be very full. What a great tree skirt.

  4. I love your tree skirt! How big are the equilateral triangles? I have a *ton* of the paisley Christmas fabric left over, and a tree skirt would be a perfect use for it!