Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Design Wall

Well, trying to find ways to post in my blog more regularly and keeping me on track with ongoing projects.  Here's what I've come up with.  Finding a UFO and putting it up on the design wall and making it the focus for the week until it's done! 

I started this UFO sometime last year and as I discovered putting up our tree yesterday, we need this UFO ASAP!!  It's from the Atkinson's pattern "Happy Holidays".  I do plan to add an additional border to enlarge it.
Shouldn't take to long to finish up!

We also put up our tree yesterday, while my husband was still visiting and had our mini family holiday party as well.  Christmas will be different this year in many ways, but knowing that it will be fill with joy, laughter and love is all that really matters.  I have put up a few holiday things and will add more over the next few's a sampling of our decorations:

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Now to pull out all the holiday quilts I have to display!


  1. I love the santas! Only thing certain in this world is that each year will bring changes. Keep your heart filled with love and joy so that the changes can be taken in stride. Happy Holidays.

  2. Your decorations are very you. lol Is that a tree skirt or a wall hanging you are making?

  3. I have been doing this with Judy's design wall Mondays and trying to keep on top of my UFO's and for me, it has really worked. I have finished more projects this year and will keep up this practise next year.
    You are so organized to get your tree up and decorated! Way to go!

  4. Oh....I hope you have a wonderful Holiday season...your tree is beautiful!

  5. Toni your project looks great! I have not decorated yet. This is the 1st time in my life as an adult that I did not decorate after Thanksgiving. I am still enjoying the fall decor I put up prior to the wedding so I think I am going to wait until this weekend.

  6. I love your table runner with the reindeer! Happy holidays to you and your family!! Your tree is wonderful!

  7. Great decorations! We will probably get our tree next weekend.