Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday stuff

I normally don't look forward to the weekend, I take each day as it comes.  Yet, I really need Saturday to hurry up and be here so I can get something done around my house.  It's hard keeping up with yourself some days and I'm falling behind on simple household tasks.

Well, took my funky shoes back and order the right size and got the style I really wanted- - -they should be ready for pick up on Monday.  Still excited - can't wait to have them in my hands and retake the picture!

Well, it took me two weeks, but I finally finished cutting all the dresden blades for my new dresden quilt.  There are 3 sizes of dresdens - this is the largest size.  Using LOTS of fall colors!  Unsure when I'll actually start sewing, but I think the cutting was the hardest part on this.  Granted it took me awhile to be inspired, but I learned some new things using EQ7 to design the top.

Yesterday I spent 2 hours non-stop and whipped out this apron for work:

Thanks to my eldest daughter, Bri for modeling it.  I need an apron now that I'm managing inventory at the shop here and being Halloween is my favorite theme (next to beachy) and fall starts in a week....perfect combination!

And finally, this is my new shop sampler I'm working on.  I'm not a Kaffe Fassett fan, but these look like fun to work with.  I have a feeling I might actually want this sample back.  I'm using a pattern from his new book that have diamonds in it....another first for me.

Is it Friday yet?  I want to just sit and sew!


  1. OH OH! Love the dresden plate. How cute is your apron. You will be inspiring the shoppers to make more aprons. :D The Kaffee Fassett are beautiful.

  2. I too love the dresden in fall colors. The apron is so adorable. I may have to whip one up for my eldest since she too loves Halloween. I love Kaffee Fassett and I have quite an extensive stash of his beauties.

  3. I have a dresden plate on the back burner. Maybe I'll be able to get to it this fall.You chose some great fabrics for yours.
    Thanks for the tip about networked blogs. I have 3 of mine in the network now. I'll probably drop the other two. I guess I don't have that much to say after all.

  4. A very cute apron and so is the model:D
    One of these days I want to make a dresden plate quilt. I am not a big fan of the Kaffe fabric either. I am a more earthy kind of girl.

  5. Cute apron! Very festive. :)

    I look forward to seeing your progress on the dresden plate quilt. Those colors are right up my alley!