Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hump Day!

If you have notice my blog, up in the right side corner I have a milage marker - I keep forgetting to add my workouts, but my goal is to become a runner!  Yesterday, I took another step to that goal by purchasing my running shoes - only to realize after wearing them for about 30 minutes one shoe is just too small.  Now these are some funky shoes, but being the owner of flat, wide, bunion feet this concept of barefoot running is important to me.  Now one shoe that did fit well and felt great! I'm off this morning to exchange them and try the next side up.  I did try on what I know to be my larger foot in the store, but never thought it would make a difference in my other foot.  It could be the shoe too...we'll see.  They are called Five Fingers by Vibram.  I wanted to get the newest style Bikila but this store didn't them yet and so I got these TrekSport instead. 

Just had to share them because I'm so excited and enjoying this new hobby.  I've been walking, but plan to start some running patterns next week!

Ok, enough about my feet :)  I know you really want to see what I've been sewing on.  Well, doing more samples for my new shop including some Rose of Sharon patterns for a Block of the Month I'll be hosting in January (but I'll share that later ;)  and this Brown and Green beauty  The pattern is Alex Anderson's Spring Fling and was quick and easy to put together.

Well, it's Wednesday and it means my day off from work and lots of chores and errands to do!  Have a great day!


  1. Most unusual shoes. I think I would like them because I like to walk but I don't want to wear shoes. I may just look into them a little more.

    The spring fling is very nice. I'm glad you found a shop to work with in TN.

  2. I just bought a new pair of Brooks and plan to start my runs this weekend. Good luck!!!

  3. Do these shoes have good arch support? I went for many years not realizing I needed to have arch support so the bunions wouldn't get worse.

  4. those are some cool shoes.
    Love the quilt. It would look great in my house. those are my colors.
    I am amazed at how quickly you settled in. New job, new hobby, new blog.
    I'll be driving through your area in Oct.

  5. I heard about those shoes in an NPR story, but have never actually seen a pair before. They sure look curious. I'll be interested to hear how they work for you.

    Gorgeous top! Green and brown is a perfect combination.