Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pondering. . .

A few weeks ago a friend told me about things that is happening in blog land....people stealing images and claiming works as their own (which has happened to me), people accusing other people of stealing their patterns or ideas.  Well, I decided just to back off from blogging and ponder this situation.  While I could take time and add my name to each image, I could take time to lock down my blog, I could just not blog again.  Then I pondered more and came to a realization.  Why I blog?  I blog to share my talent, I blog to let other be inspired as I am inspired by their blogs, I blog for feedback and most importantly I blog for friendship.

If someone feels the need to "steal" or "borrow" my images as their own, I say let them.  This is the internet and it will happen no matter what.  Obviously those individuals need the self esteem and self confidence more than I do.  If taking my ideas and images makes them feel more of a person, feel free.  As for be accusing of "stealing" others ideas/patterns, if you read through my blog I document everything.  If I am inspired by someone I give them credit, if I use a pattern I give credit.  All of my works are my own!

Now that is off my brain, I have stuff to share!  Don't know where to start being it's almost 2 weeks since my last post......start of with something BRIGHT --naturally!

I have been working for a friend the past 4 months making tops for her business and she has asked me to make a lonestar (ok, a lot of them).  Never did one before and let me say it was a learning experience and easier than I expected!  This top finished about 60" square and I'm already working on another one:

I have much more to share, but will spread them out over the week.


  1. I love your attitude about blogging. I may just have to take that attitude also. I have missed blogging.

    I think the Lone Star is my favorite quilt pattern. I would love to make one. What pattern are you using?

  2. @Cindy - I know this sounds crazy, but I just winged it! I knew the concept, started off with 2 1/4" strips and put 5 together, used my 60 degree line on my long ruler and cut strips. Now what I did do was go to Eleonor Burns QIAD book to see how to match up the strips. Otherwise, I picked out the color choices and "winged" it :) The hardest part was the y-seams with the borders, I might try doing them differently with half square triangles next time - but I don't know if I want to have a seam going through the background. Thanks!

  3. Toni, your Lone Star is stunning! How are those October towels coming along? SO, glad you are back to blogging.

  4. I love your Lone Star, it is so eye catching. I'm so glad to see you back and blogging.

  5. Beautiful! I love the colors!

  6. Your lone star is amazing....

    As for your comments about blogging...I too had to step back and reexamine why I blog and not let others keep me from doing what I like...so I take my hat off to you!

  7. The lone star is gorgeous! It is so vibrant and just glows. And the Laurel Burch print gives some great motion.

    Your comments on blogging are really making me think. Mostly though, I'm just happy to see you back. :)