Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday is Football!

Stepping away from quilting images to share a new facet of our lives here in TN.  My oldest daughter is in the marching band and that means Football Friday nights.

We are definitely in football country when the local wal-mart does a coke display with the high school's initials:

My daughter plays flute and stands a lot on the 30 yard line (she's the first one in line) - - - it's near impossible to get a good picture through:

And a random shot of the football team:

Tonight's an away game, but next week is a big game at home - even the middle school band will play, which means both of my girls will be on the field together - how cool is that!!

Mental note  - - - MUST REMEMBER seat cushion, my butt was soo sore after last week's game :)

Good luck to your home team and GO WILDCATS!!


  1. Seems that the further south you go the more into high school football the towns are. I haven't been to a high school football game in so long I can't remember.

  2. I am not a football fan but I hope your team wins the season.
    Cool display at Walmart.

  3. LOL! Makes me think of high school. I was in the marching band too. Fun times. :)