Sunday, September 19, 2010

Arrggh!! Matey, I feel piratey today!

It's September 19th and that means - - It's Talk Like A Pirate Day!, so the rest of this post will be in pirate speak - - unfortunately, I don't see a Pirate to English translator available.

Another busy weekend and now it's Sunday - me day for sewin'. I've decided t' work on a few o' me own BOMs and then do some more sewin' for other sources. Pulled out some fabric from me stash and thinkin' o' whippin' this little project up as well:

Then as I was cleanin' up me sewin' area, I discover this project I started a few weeks's not as easy and quick as you would think---or I mean as I thought, but it's about half done and need t' finish it up:

Me favorite time o' year be upon us....color, smells, cooler days, renewed tv series, and yumme foods. I'm makin' a split pea soup in t' crockpot! It's me favorite way o' cookin'!


  1. The pockets to go is very cute. Does that go inside a tote or something? The apple tarts is very pretty and it doesn't look easy to me. Enjoy your day!