Monday, September 20, 2010

Quickie post...

I did a bit of cutting and organizing yesterday, so I'll have plenty to sew this week.  I did go ahead and do my SAHR September piece (I kept it easy this month) and started on a DJ block - which now I have 2 to hand work on.

Here's my SAHR:
And I realized as I was making my Spilt Pea Soup, how my crock pot is the same color....silly thoughts...

It's Fall TV week!  Lots of new series start this week....what are you planning to watch, rewatch, or dvr?  Here's a few of mine:  Chuck (NBC-tonight), The Event (NBC-tonight), Under Covers (NBC-Wednesday), Supernatural (FOX-Friday), No Ordinary Family (ABC-Tuesday), and a few things on SyFy.  I'll also wait for the V premiere, but that isn't until Nov.  Looks like I need all my hand work ready for this week!

It's almost here....while it's still hot as ever, Fall is coming!!


  1. Fall is coming and your SAHR block is the perfect colours for the season!

  2. Love how you fussy cut the flower for your block.
    I have not split pea soup in a very long time.
    Yay! for Chuck. I am also going to check out the new Hawaii 50.

  3. That block is very pretty.

  4. I do a lot of cutting and prep so when I sit to sew by hand/machine I can just go. Love my crockpot, but it is too hot right now to use it. When I do use it in summer (we are at 90 degrees today) I plug it in on the deck and drive the neighbors crazy with the aroma. Can't WAIT for The Big Bang Theory premier on Thurs.