Monday, April 20, 2009

I need another vacation....

my hubby left Thursday for his own mini vacation and it seems like I've been going nonstop with issues with kids, work and previous commitments.....I'm ready to run away again.

I have though found a focus and drive to move forward in a direction to having my own business.  Now if I can just stay on track, I know I'll be up and running within a few months.

So, keeping on track I made some goals I need to do first - of course it involves clearing off my design wall and cutting table.

This is currently on my design wall Lattice Strips:


I also finished up my little Blue Crab (needs quilting):


I also added my final borders to my Blue Orient, need a picture because it is gorgeous!!  It's too big for me to take it by myself.

I finally went through my mail from the past week and discovered several birthday goodies and my FSS5 arrived from Australia.  Kate did a beautiful job on this table runner and I just LOVE it...not to mention the goodies she also put into the package:


dsc07690 dsc07688

I have to finished up just a few more things this week, then I'm demolishing my sewing area and finally turning it into a sewing studio.....that's my big plan.


  1. quiltingcindy4/20/2009 4:52 AM

    A new business? You are going to make us wait a few months to find out what your business is going to be? You could give us a hint. You always have so many pretties going. The lattice strips are way cool and the little blue crab is a cutie.

  2. did I hear a new business?

  3. I love the "plaid" look of the first quilt.

    That table runner is gorgeous! Wowee!

  4. New Business??? Are you hiring?

  5. I'm glad you like the table runner. Your little blue crab is just gorgeous, that border fabric is to die for. :)

  6. will have to tell us more about this new business! :)

    So many beautiful projects! Your quilt on the wall is beautiful!

  7. It's definitely not easy starting a new business! I wish you the best of luck. Love so many of the quilts I see here on your pages!