Friday, April 03, 2009

Design Wall Friday....

what's on your design wall this week?  Well, I have a partial quilt up on mine....once I placed it up there the way I originally intended, I realized I didn't like it (YAH for design walls), so I rearranged and have fabric by my sewing machine to make a few new blocks to fill in the center's a wee bit crazy and intense...but hey, what else do you expect from me?? :)


I have a lot of quilty excitement happening over the next few months...let's see.....

  • April 4th (tomorrow) going with the 6 Pack +1 (we are going to intitate Michelle into the group) on a road trip to Lancaster's Quilter's Heritage Show

  • April 9th - 14th visiting Anjea in Austin, Texas -- hitting lots of quilt stores, a ren faire and hopefully a movie night with her friends.

  • May 13th - 17th going to Quilt Market in Pittsburgh---you have NO IDEA how excited I am for this.  Normally I'm left behind to run the shop, but because Pittsburgh is only 4 hours away, my boss is taking me along---WOOOO...can you say Mark Lipinski? :)

  • May 29th - June 1st The Sisterhood of the Traveling Quilters (aka the 6 Pack + 1) will be hosting another retreat at the Pieceful Cottage. (we have available space if anyone else wants to join us)

  • June 2nd - June 7th Husqvarna Viking Convention in Dallas, Texas.

I love to travel, but hate being away from my hubby and my sewing machine :(  I'll be ready for my beach trip with the family for the 4th of July that is for sure---of course at the end of July there is more quilt shows to play road trips for.

Can't wait to see what I come home with tomorrow.....


  1. I love the quilt! Please tell me you are also going to be in Paducah?

  2. Hey there! The retreat sounds fun (and not too far away from me). Can you give me some details? I think I might be able to make it work with my schedule :)

  3. Love the quilt...looks like a very large argyle sock! I love it! Have fun at the quilt show, Susan blogged about it today at least I think it is the same one.

  4. I LOVE seeing what's on everyone's design wall! I showed mine today even if it was a bit boring. I LOVE how your pattern is shaping up. It looks GREAT.

    You do have so many things coming up. What fun!

  5. Wow! You do have a full load over the next few months! Enjoy yourself!!!! Love those blocks on the design wall!

  6. Looks like you will be very busy!! What about the Sisters Quilt show in Oregon in July? I am going to that one for the first time this year and I am really excited!!

  7. I think it's time you and the group came up here to Wine Country in New York and visited the Finger Lakes. We could travel around the lakes and visit the fabric and wine shops during the day and sew at night. Staying at O'Susannah's Upstairs Inn will put us in a central location. And the Inn is darling, plus all set up for quilting retreats. And not that expensive either. How about it?