Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm back....

and where to start!  I left bright and early on Thursday morning to Austin, Texas to visit Ms. Anjea & her family.  The moment I got of the plane we were in the car for 2 days straight!  I got to have a full experience of Austin and Anjea's friends, not to mention visiting 12 quilt shops!  (and we still didn't hit them all in the area....they have a HUGE selection of shops!).  Even got to spend a day at the renaissance faire!  And did I mention we sewed and finished UFO's???  What an amazing trip!

Now due to the extensive imagery I have collected, I'm going to share things over several posts and days.  I'm still weeding through pictures....

Let's start with Day 1, Thursday:

Arrived in Austin, hit the HEB (local grocery store) and headed to Texas Hill Country.  On the agenda, 4 quilts shops....

Pocketful of Poseys, Fredericksburg,very nice staff and nice little store.  We enjoyed their novelty prints and the free pin cushion we  received when we left.  The one lady was just sweet and helping me with my blue bonnet obsession.


Pictures of Anjea and me in front of the shop:

dsc07513 dsc07514

From Fredericksburg off to Kerriville, where Anjea was excited to visit Creations.  She had heard about it from all different sources and her sources were correct.  We both love this shop hands down and out of 12 shops we visited (or knew of in the area--I had visited other shops on a previous Texas trip) this was our favorite!



I took lots of pictures on the inside of this shop, it was just gorgeous and overwhelming.  The staff was incredibly nice.  When we walked into the front door there is a "shrine" to Mark Lipinski....ok, well not technically a shrine, but several items done with his fabrics along with the bolts to purchase from:

dsc07518 dsc07519 dsc07520

We spent a lot of time in Creations oooing and ahhhing and talking all sorts of stuff with the ladies there.  Lots of fun!

Our last 2 shops were a bust for the day's trip.  We arrived around 4:30 to Cella's Fabric Shoppe in Wimberly, but the note on the door said, close due to kid's baseball game.  Le sigh....oh well, from what we could see through the window it was a cute little shop.


And the 4th shop's address was totally messed up and we ended up at a Curves.  But after 2 good shops and spending some money we were satified with the day's trip.

We continued on to Gruene, Texas to hit the General Store (every Texan town has a general store and a Dairy Queen) and get my crack, Honey Butter and Salsa.  I got Cranberry Orange, Blueberry and Pumpkin Honey Butter but waited on the Salsa.  <----DUDE the sell my crack online...see what happens when you look for webpages...sweet!


We also stopped at the little wine shop next to the General Store, that has the rudest customer service.  I guess at that point in the day I looked exhausted and not someone with money.  The youngsters who worked there didn't make any extra effort in serving us.  But isn't it pretty:


Headed home and enjoyed tortillas with chicken.  It was a long day, but every day was long :)

I'll do a full photo album (because I have a lot of pictures from Creations to share) and share the link in tomorrow's epic post.

I'll post Day 2 tomorrow!


  1. you go on the best trips!

  2. quiltingcindy4/15/2009 2:32 PM

    I haven't thought of HEB in forever. I love the bluebonnet fabrics but I love the bluebonnets. Were they blooming? I think I'm getting homesick. So glad you had a wonderful fun-filled trip. Did you have cornbread with those red beans and rice? Yummy.

  3. It sounds like a fun trip. Welcome back!

  4. Welcome back, that's what I call an EXCURSION! Fun!!