Friday, March 27, 2009

Slacking on blogland...

sorry, I've become very addicted to facebook....but I need to catch up here and read a few of my favorite blogs.

This week has gone by in a blurrrrrr....though I have done the most sewing in a long time, it still seems like I slept more this week than I have in the past month.....

I finished my Tube Quilt, called Totally Tabular Purples :


And I got a kit at Cotton Seed Glory a couple of weeks ago, when Jane and I went for the HQ club and all I need to do now is the borders, I call it Orient Blues:


And I have gotten some practice play on Jane's new longarm and we finished our first 2 Project Linus quilts.  We have about 10 more tops to practice on, but we are very tickled with how these came out.


Now, I'm off to getting ready for work.


  1. You've been busy all right, and in a very quilty way! Have fun, love those three-D bricks. Well done!

  2. I love Totally Tabular Purples, it reminds me of stained glass.

    The Orient Blues is amazing, I LOVE the 3-D effect!

    Great job! :)

  3. quiltingcindy3/27/2009 6:57 AM

    How fun to be getting in some practice on the longarm! Both of your quilt tops are lovely.

  4. Your quilts turned out very nice. What do you do with them.

  5. I absolutely love that Oriend Blues quilt.....about facebook.....I'm very new at I'm not having fun yet....LOL.....Take care.

  6. Well hello stranger....I dont seem to be addicted to facebook but I am on there...sometimes I spend too much time on there but most of the time I forget I have it..LOL
    I thought of you when I saw this and thought you might like the stitchery...hehehe...hugs Khris