Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yep, it's winter....

and a few things you need to know about me....well, maybe you have already figured it out....when I don't blog, it's because I'm not doing the interent thing or I'm not sewing or I'm depressed or all the above (I have been reading though).....yet, I'm don't feel depressed, just not focused.  I have done a little sewing, but nothing constructive.  I feel "scrattered". 

I have worked on a Guild Challenge that is due next month.  We have to make a landscape quiltlet no bigger than 20"x 20"....I'm am very impressed with my attempt, it's 19"x 13".  I've never done a landscape and to me the way this was constructed, it's almost my first art quilt as well.  I'm adding the binding now, but here it is:


I've called it Twilight---for several reasons.  The main reason was the sky fabric isn't dark enough for night and isn't light enough for day, so twilight.  My friend Jackie II suggested when I added the moon piece that I should have a wolf howling at it -- ok, so I used my expensive embroidery machine and added a silver wolf.  And being I'm on a "Twilight Book/Movie" kick lately, the name fit perfectly.  In fact (if you are a reader of the series) I name the wolf Seth - he's my favorite werewolf in the books :).  There are no raw applique edges.   I have added some "bling" in the stars and I'm considering maybe a little more quilting detail or some other embellishments.  I have somehow included embroidery, paper piecing, machine applique and bling techniques into this little quilt.  I got the original idea from a pattern in the most current "Quilt It" Magazine called Small Towns, I basically used the mariner's compass concept and the foundation, but the rest I designed.  Not sure if it will be "winning" worthy, but I'm tickled with myself at the result.

I guess I have been sewing more than I realize, just not taking a lot of pictures.  I started next month's blocks for my Needle Nosh Sampler and I have started my monochromatic quilt for FSS5.  I also started to use another Bali Pop set with a pattern I saw in the Keepsake Quilting I laid out my strips, I love the effect and apparently so does Miss Glory:



30 seconds after:


It amazes me how they ALWAYS lay on the fabric I'm pulling out within seconds!

I'm in the process now of matching names for Booty Swap 3.  It's a small group which makes it easier for me to manage.

I am taking a class this weekend called Art Creations so I can work on my true citrus quilt I've been planning for the past year, just don't know how to put it into fabric form and Debra Gabel, the instructor and creator of Zebra Patterns, is an excellent teacher and I'm excited to spend 4 weekends with her to learn.

Trying to focus and accomplish something today, while stuck in house as it is icy outside. 

Hope all is well.


  1. Your landscape quilt is lovely! And so are your batik fabrics, yummy... I am with you in the feeling scattered. I feel like I am accomplishing nothing, but then I take stock and find I am afterall. I think it's a general uninterested or tired feeling.

  2. Pretty!

    I'm very familiar with the "scattered" feeling. I feel pulled in several different directions at once and find it difficult to just pick one and jump in. *hugs*

  3. well, well, the twilight bug has got you! A quilt named after it? You are hooked!
    Nice to see that you have returned. Almost emailed you again!

  4. Oh, Twilight is gorgeous! And the strip set is so lovely. Those colors are beautiful.

  5. Lovely landscape! And great fabs. Spring is on it's way and then perhaps you'll feel better :-)
    Because you are always missed when you don't blog!

  6. Very pretty landscape quilt. I think you are right about it being an art quilt also. I also am laughing at your cat. Mine do the same thing. I think cats are just natural quilters!

  7. love your quilt and those fabrics are scrummy

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  8. i like this one! it is cool looking, yet peaceful too. you did a great job!