Saturday, January 17, 2009

Links anyone?

So, I'm slowly catching up on everyone's blog---sorry if some comments are on last months' posts --- and I have found some WONDERFUL links!  I have to share, because I think I might just do a few of them myself....

First, I need to promote (just a little), the next round of The Miniature Booty Swap #3 is up and taking swappers now.  I know it sounds harsh in the guidelines, but please don't let that scare you--just trying to ensure a smoothly run swap.

Next, here are some great Block Of The Month Programs---that are free!!

Charity projects are never out of style and now is a good time to sift through your stash and wee out fabric just for the cause.  Here are a few charities you can find locally:

Any links you want to share, please leave them in the comments!!!


  1. I am making an art quilt this weekend for The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative auction. It's a great cause and very easy to do in a weekend. The quilts have to be 9"x12" or smaller!

    :) Kate

  2. I'm so glad your shop is hosting a MABD event! Our LQS does that too and it's wonderful. We'll be making string quilts and working on some other projects, too.

  3. Toni thank you for those. I will go and check them out!

  4. I'm already hooked on the BOTM thingy....LOL

  5. I sent you my info awhile back for this - did you get it?

  6. Hey Toni! how are things??? You've been awfully quiet. I hope that you are ok!