Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Need one more person....

is there anyone who would like to participate in Round 3 of the Booty Swap?  I had someone whose life is crazy and can't play this round :( and I need one person to ease the rearranging of partners.  Email me please, don't leave a comment: quiltingpirate at gmail dot com.  Thanks!!

I've been BUSY today!  Emails, swappings and I even did some hand work ---yes, HAND work.  I still am not thrilled by it, but it does have a nice effect on a finished project.

Here's some pieces of my FSS5 project....can't show everything, it would give it away :)  Curves...again not something I'm enjoying, but trying something new is always fun and challenging:


These are some of my practice ones, curves are HARD.  These are 3" unfinished....and I plan to make 36 for my design.

Back to computing....I'm soo behind on soo many emails.


  1. Hand work, you?!?! And voluntarily? What is this world coming to!??!


  2. Like the DRunkards Path pieces

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  3. IMHO, curves deserve hand-stitching.. or they have the few times I've messed with them. Just *can't* get the machine to follow along right (not even if I draw a line!).