Thursday, January 29, 2009

I've been tagged!

It's been awhile since I've been tagged, so I'm going to play along and using that cool pre-posting feature so I'll have something for ya'l to read :)


The lovely Cindy (who I've know for several years now via the internet) lovingly tagged me with this Honest Scrap Award!  All I need to do for part 1 is reveal 10 facts about myself that I haven’t necessarily shared with anyone. mmmmm.....let's get personal:

  1. Born in the UK (my dad is retired air force)

  2. Left handed, most folks don't realize that unless you have seen me in person cut fabric :)

  3. I have a serious crush on Orlando Bloom.....hello, pirate here

  4. I beat Cindy by one state - I have been to all states but 9 and 10 different countries

  5. Went to 3 high schools--first one on the east coast (upstate NY), second one on the west coast (upstate California) and third smack in the mid-west (Iowa--where I graduated from).

  6. If you can't tell already, I'm a military brat, joined the air force and served for 4 years and married to now a retired air force man.

  7. I hate putting laundry away...I can wash and dry it all day long, but not put it away :P

  8. It's ALWAYS 5 O'clock where I am :D

  9. I don't like crowds, but I love being very social....kinda contradicting, huh?

  10. I miss going dancing at clubs.


Now, I must list 5 addictions……….this is going to be very easy:

  1. Starbucks

  2. Peanut M&M's

  3. My Computer

  4. Quilting

  5. Wine

Now to tagged 5 lucky bloggers---I'm picking some newbies to my blog so I can learn more about them:

Peggi, Sharon, Anjea, Marie, Khris


  1. Hope you found your extra booty swapper. I'm not doing any more swaps until I finish up a few projects I really need (and want) to get done. I'm a military brat, too -- 11 schools before I graduated from high school!

  2. well we have something in common.
    I was in the AF for 8 years, and I too married my military man who also retired from the AF.

  3. Hey there stranger...just read your blog after getting back from our wonderful holiday in the didnt tell me you had tagged, now I better get my thinking cap on...hugs Khris