Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I have to confess....

I have purchased new fabric recently....one was TOTALLY on a whim, the other was a 8 month struggle.

First, a customer came into the shop on Black Friday and had the COOLEST black/silver/gray/white skull fabric and I WANTED some for my-eventually- pirate quilt.  She mentioned she got it at Joann's and I groaned, but felt the quality if the fabric that she had already pre-washed and was impressed.  So, Cheryl and I tredged off to JoAnn's the Sunday with the Black Friday sales still going....WOW...I got some great holiday gifts--CHEAP---and found the pirate fabric.......in .....lime green....and purple.....tell me it wasn't fate to pick up 4 yards (with a 50% off coupon to boot)......


I already found a pattern and by a wonderful miracle (though not too surprising actually), I found some batiks to work that I had enough of in my stash---and just now realizes (as I took the picture), I think I need 1 yard of lime color instead of the dark purple.  The black batik skulls will be the background and the lighter magenta will be the majority of churn dashes (my favorite block) and I NEED lime for the intermingled churn dashes.  The border would be the limey skulls:


Now I have no clue when I'll do this, but it's an itch in my side right now and once I get my other holiday items out of the way, it will be next......or will this one be next......my 8 month struggle to find the right pattern for any of Mark Lipinski's fabric lines came to an end last week.  While working of course, we got in one of the newest Terry Aktinson's Designs patterns in (my favorite pattern designer) and it dawned on me. 

A couple of cool facts put this project into motion: 1) Mark's fabric, 2) Aktinson's pattern, 3) the desire to do a black/white quilt with accents of lime.....well, I finally did all 3 at the same time :).  I might join The Black & White Challenge for this project.  I found 2 blenders to work with the tones in Mark's line (there is a silvery gray), but all the remaining fabrics are Mark's from Northcott.


And for my backing and binding (on the bais) and I plan to use more lime as a flange in on the binding:


And that is IT!...no more purchasing projects ---until I weed out my current UFO pile and get at least 3 more tops completed.  That is my goal.  Whew....do you feel my excitement?!  Now I have to get my other stuff out of the way.....crosses fingers by end of this weekend......


  1. It's ok to buy more fabric when it enhances a stash you already have!!! Love your skulls and the green with black and white will be stunning...I am a green fan myself.

  2. yes I do feel the excitement. I am impressed and glad that you will be joing us in the black and white challenge.
    I am so looking forward to seeing the pirate quilt.

  3. love the fabrics. the churn dash will look great. I just love purple and lime green together.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  4. Great fabrics! I've bought fabrics at JoAnn's for the 12 years I've quilted, but I'm choosy about the quality. I simply can't afford quilt shop prices except every once in a while to add to fabric I have. *shrugs* I love black an white quilts. It's neat to see you're putting lime with yours since most of the ones I've seen (and made) use red! Way to go! Gotta love those batiks too!

  5. love that new Atkinson pattern, and the way the patterns are offset slightly... wheels in head spinning... and your new fabrics are great, too!

  6. What GORGEOUS fabrics and you do seem so excited, it's wonderful. Your projects will be fab and every now and then a bit of fabric shopping just has to be done!!!! :-)

  7. That lime pirate fabric is totally awesome! What a great find!

    I think I have that Atkinson pattern (my favorite designer, too!) - it will look great in those colors!