Monday, December 08, 2008

Oooo new Wordpress stuff!

I like the new layout for the admin area of wordpress!!

I have been busy with "stuff", in fact I have read two books in the past week...spent the ENTIRE day on my bed yesterday reading the second in the Twilight Saga - New Moon....I'm hooked...I can't wait til Christmas to start the next hubby promised me the next 2 for Christmas.  Luckily I purchased another of Stephenie Meyer's other book The Host.  It's a wee bit different.

Anywho....back to my number one hobby!  I have received 3 out of 5 postcards from my guild holiday swap.  Tomorrow is guild night and we are suppose to show off the ones we received!   These ladies have done a wonderful job!


I finished another swap and mailed out lots of stuff last week...waiting patiently for arrivals, so I can show off my work.  I have also done some cleaning of my UFO's, scraps and stash!  I still have a lot to do, but  it's started.  I feel better doing this every year, "lightening" the load sorta speak.  I have feeling too guilty for all the things I have collected and want to be able to manage it to some extent.  So, probably no more shopping until March---LOL.

I'm working on my knifty knitter loom a little getting a few last minute gifts done. 

I need to snap back to reality....reading books really is fun, but it takes a toll on my thought process...need to refocus on what I need to accomplish this week!  This weekend is full of holiday parties!


  1. Have you gone to see the movie yet?

  2. quiltingcindy12/08/2008 3:09 AM

    I'm still trying to get used to the admin section, but I will get there. The post cards are sew cute! A knifty knitter loom, I don't think I have ever played with one of those. Good to see you posting, I had wondered about you.

  3. Toni, I have read all 4 books! Being a middle school teacher has it's advantages.
    Are you going to see the movie?
    My students have all seen it but I do not know if I want to ruin the image of the book in my head.
    I love the postcards you made. Something I have not yet attempted.

  4. It's always fun to take a day to read!
    What are you making on that knitting loom? I haven't seen one of those.

  5. Nice to hear from you. I would love a few days to read, relax... This is a busy time of year so take it as easy as possible! :-)