Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A post with real substance...

a meaty post if you will.....lots of pictures, lots of sewing, lots accomplished......

First, finally here are my cruise pictures--I didn't go through each of them to "title" them, but you get the idea.  Clickie here.

Second, I enjoyed my last day of faire 2008 and took quite a few more pictures than normal...it does help when you have great subjects to photograph.  You can see those pictures by clicking here.

Ok....I know you want the meat....the quilting....the essence of my blog....ok....what a better way to start off then with PRESENTS!!  Yes, I have wonderful friends, who have great timing in life and Ms. Anjea sent me a package to be receive upon my arrival from my cruise last week...she knows me too well.  Let's see, there's 2 - 1/2 yard batiks, a third fat quarter and WAY cool tissues that fit nicely into the tissue holder she gave me back in April:

Well, if that wasn't enough, she just happened to be my swap partner in Another Little Quilt Swap hosted by Kate and I received that booty today......

HOW COOL IS THAT!!!  Anjea just rocks my socks!!!  It is soo much cooler in person and is already hanging!!

Thank you again Anjeas---I love it so much!!!

I never showed what I sent in the Halloween Swap, did I?  I'm still anxiously awaiting my own package, but I was luckly enough to send to the swap hostess and she enjoyed all the wonderful goodies I sent her.  I made 2 towels and a mini-quilt to decorate her home:

Now, I have done some serious sewing to make up for the past 3 weeks--honestly, it's been mainly catching up on obligations I didn't fulfill before I left, but the point is they are done now!!  I finished 3 different round robins (one will be revealed this Friday, can't wait to show ya'l), got all my birthday blocks done for the rest of the year, got a HUGE 3 piece backing together to go to the quilter's this weekend, and now....well, now I'm going to do some cutting for something for ME :)

Here's some pictures I can show of what I've sewn this past week:

Well, I have tomorrow off as well and plan to do MORE sewing...YIPPIE!!  Unsure what I'll get done, but I'm sure I'll have something to show :)


  1. wow , you have accomplished so much in so little time. I love the towels. Right up my alley.

  2. quiltingcindy10/21/2008 5:27 PM

    That is some awesome booty! ;) What adorable towels! Glad to see you are getting back to sewing and having quilt-y fun.

  3. Love the towels, love your ALQS2, love that you sound happy!!! :-) (Love that you're back!!)

  4. hey, ignore my email of about this same time--the errors were me! and my connection here in houston.

  5. I love what Anjea made for you! Very cool indeed.