Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just a quickie....

well, I thought I would get lots done yesterday, but it took me the entire day to remake this block.  I forget how difficult it can be.  I sent one of these to a gentleman in my birthday block swap last month and it never arrived, so I made another one.  It's a Pam Bono design from her More Quick Rotary Cutter Quilts book that I have had for 8 years.  I have made this block several times and even made a paper piecing patterns to make it more accurate.  I love it, but it is time comsuming:

I'm sending 2 holiday gifts to Ms. Penny (my longarmer) this weekend and I work the next 6 days.  Won't get much sewing done until next week.


  1. quiltingcindy10/23/2008 3:37 AM

    That block is so pretty. Can you imagine a whole quilt made just like the block you made. Beautiful!

  2. Well, Ms. Toni--I think I have found you. I think I visited your "old" blog this morning. I searched for you and found you in Wordpress. Sure am glad. You have a terrific blog. Thnks for visiting me and I will follow along with you on your Pirate Ship aaarrggg Matie----if you won't make me walk the plank smile

  3. The block is very pretty. I am sure it will be well received.

  4. Fabulous block.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  5. I love this block and your colors are beautiful. I think I have this book, might have to look it up, though it does look like a tricky one.