Monday, May 26, 2008


Let me say I'm happy.....VERY HAPPY!  I almost cried and somehow controlled myself, though when I got home to show my hubby, I got teary!  I got 2 quilts back today and my Irish Flip Flops are just PERFECT and gorgeous!  And my "Witch Way Did The Cat Go" is totally awsome!  Again, Ms. Penny has throughly impressed me and earned her money!  I'm soo happy.

Here's the tops before quilting (I didn't retake a full top shot):

My Irish Flip Flops, I wanted the focus to be the flip flops and asked for a set of quilted flip flips in the big orange areas:

Then Penny found these very cute foot prints to use in all the borders.....

In the 4 border corners she used star fishes shapes:

And finally inside each of the "chain" blocks she put different shell shapes, she used 4 in all:

And a small piece of my backing:

Incredible!!!!  Did I mention how happy I was and lurve (thanks to Karol-Ann's new term) it!!

Now for my Halloweenie quilt, it was a lot easier for her to do.  Keeping it simple using spider webs for the perfect effect and variegated orange-black thread:

And the back:

Again, very happy customer and can't not emphasis how the pictures just don't do these quilts justice.   Now I'm about to square them up and put the machine part of the binding on --yah for spending a week a couple months ago making binding--and being I just finished the last quilt from Penny, binding last night I can start on another new one!


  1. Wow! She did do a great job. You are a very lucky lady to have a great longarmer at your service ;-)
    (Lurve that you lurve my lurve word LOL) make me smile!

  2. quiltingcindy5/26/2008 1:31 PM

    Oh my gosh! Those are fantastic!!!!! Makes me wish your quilter was not clear across the nation and I love my quilter. :D

    Thank you Cindy! I wish my quilter was closer to me as well :)

  3. Great job! Those both look great - I really like the cobweb quilting in particular. That's cool that there's orange and black variegated thread, too. :D

    Yep, yep....of course my favorite is the flip flops! :) Thanks! My longarmer did all the hard work!

  4. WoW! love the halloween quilt--it looks fabulous!! And the irish flip flops are so cute...where is the title from, I was wondering--expected to see lots of green? heeheh

    LOL, it's an Double Irish Chain pattern and the orange fabric (which I love) has lots of flip flops and I love anything celtic, so it's my Irish Flip Flops :)

    Thank you!

  5. Oh, I know the feeling -- twice I've had the most wonderful longarmer quilt for me, and both times her work transformed the quilt! Those are really fun quilts, and she matched the quilting with the quilt just perfectly. :)

    Thank you, Cheri!

  6. The flip flops are adorable. They look great.

    Thanks, Lynn!

  7. I love Witch Way Did The Cats Go so cute

    Thank you!!

  8. both the quilts look great....

    but I LOVE the Halloween one......

    will you be doing any more Manic Moday offerings??

    Thank you Christine! I haven't decided on Monday Offerings yet, it just costs to much for me to mail things out.