Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Duran Duran, anyone?

ME ME ME!! :) Along with my addiction to quilting, I have a strong addiction to going to concerts that have my favorite men folk in them and one of the long time favorites of mine is Duran Duran. I am a child of the 80's after all! I hope to see Bon Jovi and the B-52's as well this summer. I only took a few pictures, I was too busy dancing and singing along, but I thought this one was cool:

I learned something new from one of my newbies in my new BOM Class. It's one of those duh kinda of things, but works wonderfully! When I sew on my binding especially on larger quilts, it always end up tangled in my feet. My student suggested taping a plastic bag to the edge of your sewing area/table and place the binding in that and pull it out as you sew it on. PERFECT!! Tried it out when adding my binding to my newest quilted quilts:

Penny, my longarmer sent me some information on my quilts she has done and thought I would share it with you:

Thread she uses is King Tut, which we have decided at the Shop to carry--WEEEE. I'm very excited about that. Their thread is awsome for quilting work, I personally have several spools of it. The color she used on the Halloween Quilt is called Autumnal.

The Quilting Designs/Patterns she uses are all digitized for her long arm machine. She has a very cool computer piece for her longarm that enables her to do detailed motifs and pantographs. Here is what she used on my quilts:

Halloweenie: called Spider Webs by Penny says, I used one pattern, but in 2 parts - this is so the webs weren't all alike in a row, going down for visual effect. I've done it the other way and it looks fine too, just didn't think it was appropriate for your quilt.

Irish Flip Flops: the foot prints came from by Todd Brown. Penny has designs listed with Legacy Quilting as well. Legacy Quilting also will carry all the Quilt Maker magazines' designs.

Chocolate Strawberries: called Tapestry from

Birhouses: called Swallows, but unsure where it came from - will update.

Whew.....a lot of stuff already this morning and I haven't had my coffee yet!! I'm off of work today and tomorrow and hope to get more of the Pink & Green Monster done!


  1. I absolutely love King Tut thread... the last quilt I quilted (Licorice Spice) was quilted with that. A good source for it online is - from what I can tell, they have all the colors.

    That is an awesome idea for binding - I wish I had known about it with the last quilt; I had it draped over my shoulder and tangled in my chair.

    What a great thread link! Thanks for sharing that, I have to order a few specific ones.

  2. I'm not a fan of Duran, Duran. This summer I'm lined up to see Neil Diamond.

    I love the bag trick for binding. So simple, yet so perfect for the task.

    The quilts are all gorgeous. I really like the flip flops.

    Oooo, I would like to see Neil Diamond as well! I really do enjoy all sorts of music!

    Thank you on the quilts! I'm soo happy with them!

  3. quiltingcindy5/29/2008 2:23 AM

    Oh your quilter is so good to you! Love the idea for the binding. King Tut thread is wonderful and beautiful.

    Thank you! I love King Tut as well!