Friday, May 30, 2008

My Days Off....

I spent the day on Wednesday setting up a Mega Quilter Frame for a friend.....after being a wee bit sore from the concert the night before, you can image how sore I was with being on the floor most of the time screwing pieces of metal together for 4 hours.......granted I fell asleep by 8:30 Wednesday night.

Darlann (the lady who I helped) though gave me some awsome fabric to play with. It's sooo not my cup of tea (boring in my book), but it will work perfectly for a friend who I have such a hard time to come up with a quilt that will work in her bedroom. It is oriental, black and brown and green....perfect "zen" for my girlfriend.  She also gave me two coordinating fabrics:

Using my 9 Patch Pizazz book and making HUGE adjustments to a pattern to fit a queen size bed that will show case this fabric well:

I spent yesterday morning adding, subtracting and hurting my brain!  So, I started to cut out the 2 yards of the Oriental print to discover I needed more.  My though was well I think I know where she got it from (not our store, it was ripped-we cut) shop hopping I went.  I wasn't crazy about the solid black and wanted a green to go with this fabric and knew the exact one I needed from our shop, so I stopped there first.   I got 2 yards of the green and realized the other black print didn't coordinate right (it's more blue in true light), so after spending time trying to find a new couple of fabrics to go with this, I left with my original green fabric and headed to Sisto's in Frederick.

Of course they didn't have any more of the oriental print, but I found another print that I can use and it will lighten up the quilt.  Here's my fabrics (finally):

I spent the rest of yesterday, cutting out all the fabric to realize I needed 1 more yard of each the green and black, not a big problem - I'll get both today.  I started to sew the long strips together and I'm thinking this will easily be done by end of the weekend....a queen size quilt...wowsers!  At least I don't need it quilted or bound until Christmas :)

Of course while shopping at Sisto's I found some very cool clearance fabric to use as binding and backing for my holiday runners this year.  It's part of Nancy Halvorsen Christmas line and was only $4.50/yard....I got 4 yards, though I might go back for the rest.  It's awsome fabric:

So, I think it was a productive days off, though I only touched the Pink & Green Monster twice.  I'll get it finished as well.

Kim at A Peach In Stitches, set herself a challenge and I'm going to join it as well.  I have several mini projects tops done but need to quilt and bind them.  I'll make a list and start off with the 3 oldest and work from there.  More to come.....

I work the next 2 days but plan to get some sewing in.....always :)


  1. Phew - what a performance - lol ! They are not really my kind of fabrics either but it's a good job we're not all the same. I plan to finish something too this weekend. Think we'll do it ? Take care x

    We can do it! :) Long post huh? That's why I like posting pictures to tell my stories and limit my typing skills :)

  2. I know someone that would absolutely love the fabrics. I am just so tired of not getting anything completed really. When I quilted and bound "Licorice Spice" in two days, I saw how silly I was for not quilting things.

    I didn't need another project, but I definitely made sure it was a easy one to start and finish and I know I don't need to present it as a gift until Christmas. I don't enjoy the quilting process at all. I get frustrated with anything larger than 48" in my machine, but I have soo many little projects I could do 3 in a weekend. It is silly, but we are silly people :)

  3. That's what's known as a busman's holiday! But if you love it, then every day's a holiday. :)

    I like Asian fabrics, alhtough they don't go with anything else in my stash. Sometimes it's fun to make something different from the usual, but you already know that.

    Hehehehe....I like have 2 days off in a row, I seem to get more accomplished verses a day off, a day of work another day off. :) I love challenges especially with fabrics and patterns!

  4. Wow, that's a lotta prep work! I really love the fabrics you ended up with though.

    Thanks Lynn!

  5. So funny, sounds like me, only after I cut it all I realise I'm short LOL. But you have been busy and you sound cheery so that's good. I'm intrigued to see this quilt come together!

    I don't do it often, but yep that is what I discovered...I didn't do all the math all the way out. Oh well, live and learn and do it again! :) It's coming together NICELY, just need to get more black to finish up...almost done!

  6. Not my colors, but the fabrics are all really pretty! It looks like something I might pick for Alli. I might make a 9-patch pizazz with my panda fabric you brought me...I have some that would coordinate well...hmmm...

    That would be a great design for the panda fabric. There are several layouts in the you have it? I can forward it to you to borrow ;)