Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend Pictures....

ah-ha!  I do have lurkers :)  Ya know I just wanted to see who would come out of the wood work with my last post :)

So, the shop has received lots of new items over the past week and on Friday, we got 2 new books in and a new color rotary mat...of course, I had to get them all:

Then, a dear friend took me out for my birthday dinner (yes, it's a month ago, but we couldn't get our schedules to work right) and I have never eaten at one before and oh my gosh......I recommend it to everyone...I over ate, a weeee bit :) look at this YUMMY shot of a dessert from Carrabba's Friday night.

Next, I spent lots of sewing time with Cheryl this weekend and we had a wonderful time, though I don't feel like I was as productive as I wanted to be.

You must see her new iron though....I was humored by it:

Yep, exactly like mine (she likes mine a lot) but it's blue!!  How cool is that!  Now if they made them in Purple, I would have an extra iron :)

So, I sewed several items that were for obligated swaps and am all caught up (except some pieces that require hand work) until July now and feeling like I didn't accomplish a project for me, I did a quickie table runner based off one of the patterns in "Let's Do Lunch".  I think I'm going to add a small dark blue border around it though, it's just too busy.

I also got more done on some the Pink and Green monster, though I think it's going to be a challenge to finish this project--hopefully I'll get it done in time for my daughter's birthday in August.

I'm about to go and pick up my 2 quilts I just gave to the quilter a few weeks ago...OMgosh!!  I'm giving her my Gum Drops and Field of Sunflowers for the next round.  I barely had enough batting and had to piece together some to fit.

I'll of course share pictures of the completed ones this afternoon!

Off I go!


  1. Thanks for lotsa neat photos, but the sunflower is most interesting - good combination of blocks. Nice.

    Thank you very much! I love sharing pictures, it makes it easier for me not to worry about spelling and using grammar correctly :)

  2. Carraba's is awesome (the scallop dish, for another one)...and the Field of Sunflowers quilt is bootimus!

    Thank you so much. Carrabba's is evil :) good thing it's out of my "normal" price range for eating out!

  3. Great sunflowers! Wonderful mat. I think I would also buy a purple iron :-)

    Thanks!! Penny (the longarmer) liked the sunflowers as well!

  4. quiltingcindy5/26/2008 1:33 PM

    Oooooooo! That cake made my mouth water. :)I love love love the Field of Sunflowers.

    Thank you! The cake was SOOoo rich, it took me all evening (with the help of hubby) to finish it...but it was finished!

    The sunflowers will be on my dining room wall one day.

  5. WOW!!!! The quilts look fantastic. Penny did a nice job, just what you wanted. Can't wait to see them up close and personal.

    Thanks! I would love to show you in person!