Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday morning ramblings....

I have the day off from work in preparation that I work the next 7 days and a few hours on the following Tuesday. My boss & co-worker are going to Portland to Spring Quilt Market. So, I don't see me getting much done quilty related at home over the next week or so.

It's been kind of a messy morning in the area here, LOTS of rain. My sump pump has been kicking on every 15 minutes or so....that is a good thing! When it isn't kicking on is when I worry.

I finished making my half-square blocks for Part 4 of the Orange Crush, now to iron them and make some blocks....I feel like I'm behind after reading Karol-Ann's & Kristie's progress.

I also finished my top for my Another Little Quilt Swap, but plan to hand quilt it being I have plenty of time to do that. It's going to be my first hand work piece and hopefully be a positive learning experience. It's only 18" square, should I pin/thread baste it first? I'm going to use a 8" hoop I think. I realize I don't have quilting needles so I'll pick up some later this week. Here's a teaser:

I pulled out a UFO I haven't touched in a year.....and then I remember why I haven't....It's a technique I saw on the QNN long time ago and purchase the Brandy's Circle Book and template. It's been a BEAR to quilt. I was making it for my son, a twin size- but after attaching 8 circles together, then 2 rows, I realised there's no way I'm going to make a twin size quilt out of this process. It's very challenging to piece the circles together. I did go ahead and sew all the X's on the circles and added a third row to the previous 2, but I'm done with it again for now. It's going to end up being just a lap size 8 x 8. Circles are 8 1/2" across.

Did I mention it's cold? 20 degrees below our average of 70's this time of year and doesn't look like it's suppose to warm up til later this week. Almost too cold to do anything---being I refuse to turn on the heaters now. :) But I must keep moving in order to stay warm.

Goals for today:

  • Finish OC Part 4

  • Start Texas Round Robin

  • Mail out RRBlogger Round Robin

  • Mail out Miniature Booty Swap

  • Stitch out another dragon on another pillowcase

  • Sandwich a few wall hangings to prepare for quilting


  1. I would baste the quilt with large stitches and then just snip when you get to the bits you're about to quilt. Don't worry about the OC, you have 2 weeks (or so) for step 4.
    Love the pirate fabric. If you have any circles left over why don't you just machine applique them onto plain squares (also alternating them with other plain fabric squares) and make a twin size that way??

  2. quiltingcindy5/12/2008 2:04 PM

    Busy day you have planned for today. Looks like you have already been busy.

  3. I'd use a spray baste + pins. That's what I did for my little wholecloth quilt that I'm hand quilting.

    Started on the Dresdens... :D

  4. I designed a quilt block that is almost identical to the round pattern that you're working with, several years ago. Imagine my surprise when I saw it in a magazine last month! I don't use any batting in mine so no quilting needed. In fact the first one I made was done with denim scraps on one side and flannel on the other. It's incredibly heavy!! Good luck on your's.

    I'm not happy with the process of this round quilt, but I'll get it done eventually. Thanks for the positive enforcement! :)