Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

To all my dear friends who are grandmas, moms and soon to be moms.  I hope your day is filled with love and appreciation and time just for you!!

I received my breakfast in bed (too early) and plan to sew all day! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

But I have been sewing and cutting already this weekend.

I finished sewing all my 9 Patches (42 total) for my batik sunflowers and started the corner piece.

Then I cut all my pieces and sewed one of my Orange Crush Blocks for Part 4 (yes, she surprised us and posted the clue 2 days ago!!).  Not too sure on my choices, but hopefully it will all come together in the end.

And I'm trying something out for another project and unsure of it's results.  I don't work too well with no color fabrics....but close up these do look nice.

And yesterday helping my son with a school project and drove him to Hagerstown, MD to visit a museum--I visited the 2 local quilt shops up there!

I visited Wilson's Quilt Shop first, and missed it because it blended in so will with the neighborhood homes:

There's no "big" sign on the road side to know where it is and the only other thing that I didn't like was the fact they don't cut FQs.  Otherwise, I have to admit (next to my shop) this was a very nice shop and probably one of the best ones I have visited in Maryland.  The fabric selection is very nice, the staff very friendly and the  a huge selection of machines.   The lighting is awsome and bright and it is spacious and organized nicely.  I would highly recommend making the effort to visit this shop.  Their fabric selection is very wide from thimbleberries, civil war, modas, batiks, and asian fabrics.  Very nice!

The second shop, The Traditions At The White Swan, I almost missed as well.  While they do have a sign, it's not large and "bright".  It blended in with the trees:

Again, a nice shop.  The staff was friendly and polite.  They have a large, large collection of FQ's, and will cut FQ's if requested (and FQs are only $2.35 each!).  While they do seem to have a little bit of everything, they definitely have more focus on Civil War fabric and Thimbleberries ---dark feel fabrics.  I did enjoy their clearance section and wish I have more funds to enjoy it thoroughly.  The store isn't brightly light, but the set up is nice and organized with beautifully costumed made racks.  I would recommend this shop to folks who do enjoy the period feel fabrics and darker palettes.

There are SOOO many quilt shops here in Maryland....and Maryland is small, so most are within an hour of each other.

I have been to:

  • Bear's Paw, Ellicott City (closed last month)

  • Capital Quilts, Gaithersburg

  • Cheakespeake Bay Quilting, Waldorf (closed a month or so ago)

  • Cotton Seed Glory, Annapolis

  • Fabric Chest, Glen Burnie

  • G-Street (technically not a Quilt shop, but has a huge quilting fabric selection--HUGE)

  • Material Girls, La Plana

  • Needles & Pins, Frederick

  • Seminole Sampler, Catonsville

  • Sisto's, Frederick

I would love to visit:

  • Tomorrow's Treasures, Crofton

  • Main Street Quilt Shop, Elkridge (Savage Mills)

  • Sew n' Save, Aberdeen

There are still about 12 others in Maryland -- I created a list with all their websites, if anyone is interested--please let know if I miss any too :) .  Not to mention I could hit a quite a few in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia.  I wish I had more time.....and more money :)

I'm sure I'll share more pictures later today.   Enjoy your day!


  1. I worked up your block in EQ6...looks pretty good! I didn't do it with sashing or anything, as the baseline layout looked good by itself.

  2. I've almost finished my step 4's and also used blue and green - think they'll be ok. This mystery stuff is... mysterious LOL!
    I like the pale blocks and am also eagerly awaiting to see what the sunflowers will look like.
    Love the quilt shop write ups. Not so many near me which is probably just as well!!!

  3. Happy Mother's Day!!!! I love all of your projects that you are doing! I can't wait to see more of your sunflower quilt, the fabrics are beautiful! Your blocks for the OC are just beautiful!!! Your color choices are amazing, I can't wait to see how it turns out. I also like your light blocks, sometimes a change is nice. I really like the fabrics that you used.