Thursday, May 15, 2008

The start of day 3....

I'm pooped!  And I'm only on day 3 today!?!  Only 4 more days and a few hours on Tuesday of work.....still debating how to work next week.  I do know I have the weekend off though!  3 day one!

But I have been entertained by favorite customers coming in and keeping us busy and mental note-boss isn't allowed to place multi-mega stock order before she leaves for a week in the future.

I've been doing something weird.....handwork.  I finished the binding on The Purple Comet for my daughter.  Started working on my Chocolate Strawberries that will be for my sister.  I discovered after being on my feet all day at work (which I have done since in a long time, being I spend all my time on the computer at work) these projects are perfect for sitting and feeling accomplished at home to unwind.  I'm thinking I'll have this quilt and my Touch of Lime quilt binding done by the end of this crazy work week.

I did get the most wonderful package in the mail yesterday!  I can easily say I LOVE IT ALL!!!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!  I got my Miniature Booty Swap Quilt from Kate in the UK yesterday.  Along with the perfect awsome little quilt, I have a new "treasure chest" with a little extra booty, and a beautiful hand dye fat quarter.   Oh my gosh Kate---did I mention I love it ALLL!!!  I'll take better pictures later, these are washed out :(

I'm still bouncing with excitement from this and hung the new quilt on the wire with the rest of mine (there are a few more on the right side past the last quilt, just couldn't get them all in)--please ignore the cobwebs & dust:

Now I guess I have done more quilty stuff than I expected this week.  I compiled all the fq's for my oldest daughter's new favorite color palette.  I think she'll be happy with it:

And then on Tuesday night, was guild night.  It was our guild's 20th anniversary banquet!  It was fun to see the challenge projects and hang with good friends and take some goodies home with you.  We all received a beautiful rotary cutter holder (made by the VP with her embroidery machine) and an anniversary mug:

Ok, I have another long day at work and need to have a good breakfast first.


  1. Love Kate's treasure chest for you! How clever!! great post is the best, huh?
    Sounds like you're working hard, but least you've got a nice long weekend to recover :-)

  2. What a great quilt from Kate!! Awesome! :)

    You accomplish more than anyone I know. Wow.

  3. It is very tiring and hard to work extra days when you are not used to doing it. That is a very nice little quilt from Kate - love how bright it is and the backing fabric. Lucky you!!

    Hope you get through the next four days!!!

  4. Beautiful, bright quilt Kate did a great job matching you up with your favorit colors.

  5. quiltingcindy5/15/2008 2:52 PM

    Love your mini quilts. I want to know more about that wire that you hang them on. I need something like that.

    (Psst, I just tagged you for a meme on my blog. No pressure; you deserve a day in your sewing room, so if you’re busy, no worries!)