Thursday, April 10, 2008

in a posting mood....

I realized my webrings were out of date and trying to update them was fun (not). Once I figured out how to update them and use the new layout of Ringsurf, I'm going to like the new interface. It's a lot easier now to manage all my webrings under one page. The only thing that I'm not sure of, is why the webring's main image isn't showing up--I'm assuming I have to wait on mods to accept my new updates and it will become active then.

So, check them out....I also joined a new webring from Quiltville for the Mystery participants. Now to get cracking.

Oh and I totally forgot to mention (SOO sorry Kate), check out Another Little Quilt Swap, hosted by Kate North....only a few spots left...hurry...due date is in July - plenty of time to play! it's all full now :(

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  1. Hey! I am such a total slacker. I'm sorry I never e-mailed back about the stuff you have for me. I want it! I keep thinking Mike is going to take a day off and I can go out to the shop and pick it up or have a fun day, but then he bails on me. I am HATING his new schedule. I got so used to being spoiled with all his telecommuting time. I think his last telecommuting day was the day I was out at your place.

    Anyway, next week supposedly he is going to come home by 2:30 a couple of days to make up for his late hours this week. Do you work next week? I need to pick up a couple of things from the shop and am dying to go out there. I hate going to Capital Quilts. Do you guys sell silk thread? I hear it is best for applique and I am an applique fool now (mainly b/c I can do it with Erik around).

    sending you a specific email :)