Thursday, April 10, 2008

break time....

ok, finished my project for my Civil War Diaries Club---well, the top is done (will add it to my list, and do the binding next). Again, the blocks are 9" and I kept it simple with a table topper:

And I finally picked out my fabrics for Bonnie's Orange Crush. After reading Kristie's progress and listening to Bonnie's suggestion of Leaders and Enders, I think I can do this in between allllllll the other stuff I have on my plate :) Here are my fabrics, can we say BRIGHT? I felt whites would work better in the brights I was using verses creams/off whites---which I don't have scraps of anyway and picked out some great leftover blacks that would as the contract. I'm scared honestly though, I don't like Mystery Quilts, the last one I did was such a failure, this one seems easily in the color selection process and I used EVERY thing from my stash---bonus!

Off I go, back to cleaning and tossing in some sewing.


  1. I love your fabric selection for the mystery quilt! Blacks and brights are the best. :)

    Thanks Cheri!

  2. More drooling. Glad you're going to do it. It will be fun esp with those fabrics...
    Your civil war top is gorgeous too!

    Thank you Karol-Ann!

  3. Love your fabrics for the mystery - just going to finish my spring swap quilt and then I will do my 4-patches. A bit gutted I missed the sign-ups for your swap - if you need a back-up or if anyone drops out let me know...

    Thanks Andrea! I'm thinking seriously of doing it again in the summer, so I'll keep you posted! Can't wait to see your OC coming along!

  4. GREAT!!! I'm so glad that you decided to do the mystery!! I love your fabric choices, actually I like them better than mine! I just tried to use what I already had and what I did have to purchase I bought at Walmart so I wouldn't have so much money in it, just incase I didn't like how it turned out.

    I LOVE your Civil War tablerunner! As you know I am doing the Civil War Diary Quilt and I just love all of these patterns. So far I only have 25/121 finished.

    I have been working on my mini today!!!!!

    Well, if my fabric choices turn out yukky, I will be sending this top to you :)

    If you want the pattern for the topper let me know and I'll send you the directions (once I have them done up).

    YAH for mini work!! :) I need to start on mine as well! Too many projects, not enough time!

  5. It's beautiful! And thanks for pointing out we're both on wordpress now, now I can try out the Blog Surfer and see how well they've got that working.

    :) I would prefer using wordpress on my own server, but it just didn't work out well enough for me.


  6. nice table runner.........looks like fun with Bonnie........

    Thank you so much! It was a good time with Bonnie!